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SishiWiki V1 RC2 released

Here is the new version.
I will describe all new features in few days on SushiWiki's web site.
- Table edition
- Plugins management
- Improved cach management
- Optimistic lock management
and many fixed bugs

Posted by Eric GROISE 2004-03-01


Due to hosting server migration to Windows 2003, here is Sushiwiki's new URL :

You can also use

Posted by Eric GROISE 2003-08-29

SushiWiki V1 RC1 released

I expect this release to be the last one before final relase.

What's new :
- Added file missing in previous release (V1-Beta3)
- Fixed bugs : 699743,724227,705296,724223,724243

Please visit for more information.

Posted by Eric GROISE 2003-04-29

File missing in last setup (SushiWiki V1 Beta 3)

A javascript file is missing (js/richedit.js) in this setup, and it avoids "HTML rich text editor" to work.
See for fix.

Posted by Eric GROISE 2003-04-28

SushiWiki V1 beta 3 released

This will be the last beta for V1. Next release will be RC1.

Posted by Eric GROISE 2003-04-18

SishiWiki V1 beta 2 released

This new beta contains Wasabi, the configuration tool.

Posted by Eric GROISE 2003-03-16

SishiWiki V1 beta 1 released

The first beta of SushiWiki V1 has been released.
It contains only the web server. Wasabi, the configuration tool, will come soon.

Posted by Eric GROISE 2003-03-10