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surfit-2.1 has been released

new version contains:
- new module libsurfit_io - allows to import/export data in various formats
- plugin for SAGA-GIS
- 10 new gridding rules
- small bugfixes and imporvements

Posted by Mikhail Dmitrievsky 2006-08-07

surfit-2.0 has been released

new release allows to build user-defined gridding procedure by selecting and configuring so-called "gridding rules". surfit allows to interpolate or apporoximate sets of points, curves, contours, surfaces, add inequality condition and some of linear conditions.

Posted by Mikhail Dmitrievsky 2006-05-03

new great functionality for surfit!

The development version of surfit, avaliable via CVS allows to set inequality conditions and to set average(or weighted average) values for any area. Hope this functionality will be very useful!

Posted by Mikhail Dmitrievsky 2005-06-24

new pre-release version

This prerelease have much of new features:
- gridding with faults,
- now surface can take some data to interpolate, some data to approximate
- new module: libfreeflow, for solving 2d stationary filtration problem
- new module: libglobe, for reading NGDC DTM files

Posted by Mikhail Dmitrievsky 2005-02-10