#76 RSS: sort and display feed items by date


Currently, if multiple feed items have accumulated for an announcement, supybot displays those items in the order of their appearance within the feed. Some feeds are reverse-chronological sorted, thus the most current change shows up first in the announce message, whereas some people might want to have them show up in chronological order (independent of the original feed order). This patch enables supybot to sort and display feed items by date.

The current default behavior of showing feed items in their original order is preserved. Note: this is my tweak of an existing plugin. If I am totally off with the changes, let me know how I can adjust them to make them suitable for a merge.

Branched from: 02c0d0ce3cf1eaa77fa5b545ecf4346d2d883d8d


  • Sebastian Kayser

    Ping. Anything specific that's holding this patch from being merged? Let me know if you'd like me to make adjustments or make the patch available elsewhere for easier consumption.


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