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Supybot is dead, long live Limnoria

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Supybot was maintained.

For years, there have been idle threats of that happening again, but it has not come to pass.

Instead, various friendly forks were created, with Limnoria seeming to have the most momentum. Under the watchful eye of Valentin "ProgVal" Lorentz, a successful community has developed and worked to shepherd Supybot onward.

Posted by James McCoy 2018-05-10

Rebuilt git repository

When I first transitioned the repository from svn to git, there was some duplicate history that I didn't notice for a while. I finally got tired of having that around, and removed that from the repo. While I was mucking around, I decided to rename the tags so they start with 'v' (as is common practice) and adjust the emails of people that have made commits to use their email where appropriate.... read more

Posted by James McCoy 2009-11-04 released!

Quick bug-fix release to fix a couple issues that snuck in while preparing 0.83.4.

Posted by James McCoy 2009-05-25

0.83.4 released!

It's been a long time coming, but we finally did it. A new release is out with various bugs fixed and general cleanup. Some big changes are a re-written Google plugin that doesn't rely on the old SOAP API and compatibility with Python 2.6.

Posted by James McCoy 2009-05-18

Switched to git

We've just finished importing our entire source history into git. Now that the entire history is in git, the CVS (whose history hadn't been included in our Darcs or SVN repos) and the SVN repositories have been disabled. Getting 0.83.4 out the door, to fix Python2.6 compatibility and a few other issue, is our next priority.

Posted by James McCoy 2009-03-11

0.83.3 Released!

Yes, we finally got around to it. A new version of Supybot has been released which should fix the woes any of you Python 2.5 users were having as well as a few other bugs that were found. The next release should include support for using recent versions of SQLite via dbapi2-compatible modules (pysqlite2 and Python 2.5's builtin sqlite support).

Posted by James McCoy 2007-10-22

0.83.2 Released!

Bug fix release. Get it on the files page.

Posted by James McCoy 2006-07-26

0.80.1 released!

We had a couple bugs in 0.80.0 that needed to be fixed. Most importantly, one in supybot-wizard which caused the wizard to crash when it came time to add the Owner user.

Posted by James McCoy 2005-01-18

0.80.0 Released!

We finally hit 0.80.0! This is what you've all been waiting for. Let the downloads begin!

Posted by James McCoy 2005-01-17

0.80.0rc3 released!

A pretty important bug slipped by rc2, so we decided to roll out rc3 to make sure we get some decent testing before 0.80.0 final.

Posted by James McCoy 2005-01-13

0.80.0rc2 released!

Let the downloading begin!

Posted by James McCoy 2005-01-11

0.80.0pre6 released!

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2004-12-22

0.80.0pre5 released!

Mostly bugfixes, go out and grab it!

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2004-12-20

0.80.0pre4 Released!

This should truly be our last pre-0.80.0 release. pre3 had some bad bugs that we let slip by, but we're pretty sure this one is gonna be solid enough to call 0.80.0 in a couple weeks.

Posted by James McCoy 2004-12-17

0.80.0pre3 released!

Phew! It's about time.

Anyway, this is likely the last pre-release of 0.80.0, so give it your best! We want to fix more bugs, really, we do :)

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2004-12-10

0.80.0pre1 Released!

We're looking pretty darn solid -- database independence is here in general, only a few remaining plugins need to be abstracted. For the most part, we're ready for the official release, we just need some more testing to make sure we're not screwing it up :) Try it out!

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2004-09-13

0.79.99 Released!

Asymptotically approaching 0.80.0, we've fixed so many serious bugs in the past few days that it's definitely time for another release. Hence 0.79.99 has been released! Give it a whirl, folks!

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2004-08-30

0.79.9 Released!

Phew! After many months of hard work, we've finally kicked 0.79.9 out the door! Many thanks to jamessan, Strike, Grantbow, and the numerous people that suffered through much inconvenience to help us debug this release!

Our plans for the future are minor improvements and lots of bugfixes before releasing 0.80.0, our first non-alpha release within a month or so. Those minor improvements will likely be some (or all) of these:... read more

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2004-08-27

0.77.2 Released!

Tons of bugs fixed, many more configuration variables add, some more options added to already-existing commands, a few more commands added, and a single new plugin: LogToIrc. A nice, solid release so we can focus on 0.78.0 now.

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2004-04-18

0.77.1 Released!

We've finally got a bugfix release out the door, so we can focus on 0.78.0! For the features that we expect to be in 0.78.0, check out the announcement on the forums at .

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2004-04-09

0.77.0 Released!

After a couple months of some intensive rewriting (jemfinch's grades prove how intensive it's been :)) 0.77.0 has finally escaped, and with it a whole lot more user-friendliness! Check out the ChangeLog and Release Notes for more information.

The two major foci for the next release will be making Supybot unicode-friendly and abstraction out database-related stuff so we can finally be independent of SQLite.

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2004-02-20

0.76.1 Released!

0.76.1, a bugfix release over 0.76.0, has been released! And on my birthday!

Anyway, this release should be pretty solid for quite some time. Next stop, incremental improvement!

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2003-12-12

0.76.0 released!

We've finally gotten out 0.76.0! Yay!

Roadmap-wise, I'm going to be focusing on user-friendliness in this next (0.77.0) release. That means things like:

  • Writing an upgrade script and an upgrade framework to aid users in upgrading their bots for each new version.

  • Improving to handle default arguments.

  • Making everything possible configurable; this also means fixing Configurable to be able to do non-channel-based plugins.... read more

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2003-12-09

0.75.0 released!

We finally got 0.75.0 out to door!

I've started a branch for this release; it may be our most current release for awhile, while we implement the backlog of RFEs.

I imagine if we get a significant number of new users, there will be an 0.75.1 release within a week or so, as new bugs are found.

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2003-11-23

Roadmap for 0.75.0

So many changes have taken place that our next release will be 0.75.0 instead of 0.74.0.

I'm planning to do a feature freeze this coming Sunday, and to release the next Sunday.

I increased to the highest priority the RFEs I'd like to get done before this Sunday to get in before the feature freeze. Most important are the ones relating to Moobot comptability, because I'd like to be able to test all those features during the feature freeze week to work out the kinks.... read more

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2003-10-27