0.76.0 released!

We've finally gotten out 0.76.0! Yay!

Roadmap-wise, I'm going to be focusing on user-friendliness in this next (0.77.0) release. That means things like:

  • Writing an upgrade script and an upgrade framework to aid users in upgrading their bots for each new version.

  • Improving questions.py to handle default arguments.

  • Making everything possible configurable; this also means fixing Configurable to be able to do non-channel-based plugins.

  • Continually improving logging throughout the bot; now that we have a nice logging infrastructure, we need to be using it.

  • Rounding out the commands available in certain plugins, both for consistency and compatibility with other bots.

  • Closing out a lot of the outstanding RFEs so we don't look like such slackers :)

  • Moving not-so-general plugins (like OSU and Gameknot, and perhaps others) out into the Plugin tracker

  • Finishing Infobot for those who want to have compatibility with Infobot.

  • Setting up a system for plugins to have designated authors that can be responsible for them.

These will be my major focuses for the next release. Achieving these goals will bring the bot a lot closer to the user-friendliness we'll need before we can go officially beta. Of course, other people are welcome to do their own thing; these are simply what I will be focusing on.

I expect to release 0.77.0 in about a month or so. We may have one 0.76.1 release in the meantime, assuming the 0.76.0 release wasn't majorly botched.

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2003-12-09

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