State of the Bot Address.

So, I've converted to bug-hunting and API-improving mode. I won't be adding many more features until I get Unit/Regression tests written, latent bugs found, and the networking implementation switched over to Twisted (<>), so feature-lovers will have to get their fix writing features themselves :) If you do decide to get your fix, the following features are on my wishlist:

google searching
debian package searching (on a local filesystem, not using the web)
freshmeat searching
spell checking
dict lookups
topic command (for handling multiple topics in a simple, consistent manner)
notes (leaving them for other users, etc.)
news (privately messaging users news bits on joining a channel)
infobot-like factoid access (using PrivmsgRegexp)
hmac or challenge-response based user identification (so passwords don't have to be sent in cleartext)

Remember, all callbacks can't block the bot -- network-based callbacks should preferably be based on asynchronous IO or threads, but the asynchronous IO will probably have to wait until Twisted integration.

When Twisted does get integrated, remember that it's under the LGPL, not the BSDL my code is under.

I'm considering adding a callback (disabled by default, of course) that emails me exceptions that are raised on not caught so I can fix the bugs that cause them. Comments on that plan are welcome.

Have a fun weekend!

Posted by Jeremy Fincher 2002-08-02

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