#365 Improved ignore support

Karlis Loen

I would like to have more fine grained control over how
the bot ignores things.

Irssi style ignores would be optimum. Here is the help
dump fore more info to anyone willing to work on it.

IGNORE [-regexp | -full] [-pattern <pattern>] [-except]
[-channels <channel>] [-time <secs>]
<mask> [<levels>]
IGNORE [-regexp | -full] [-pattern <pattern>] [-except]
[-replies] [-time
<channels> [<levels>]

-regexp: <pattern> is a regular expression
-full: <pattern> must match to full words
-pattern: <pattern> must match to the message's text
-replies: Ignore replies to nick in channels. For

"/IGNORE -replies !@.fi PUBLIC"
ignores everyone
from Finland, but also anyone sending message
"tofinnishnick: blahblah".
DON'T* ignore - overrides an existing ignore.
-channels: Ignore only in channels
<mask>: Either a nick mask or list of channels
<levels>: List of levels to ignore. You can use
-<level> to remove
from ignore.
<^levels>: List of levels to NOT ignore
(/ignore -except nick notices = /ignore
nick ^notices)

/IGNORE without any arguments displays list of ignores.
If you want to
remove some levels of the ignore, use /IGNORE
<mask> -<level> -<level2>

The best match always wins, so you can have:
/IGNORE -except !@host.org CTCPS


/IGNORE #channel ALL -PUBLIC -ACTIONS   - ignore

all but
/IGNORE #channel -JOINS - don't
ignore joins anymore
/IGNORE -replies !user@.host.org ALL - ignore
user and all replies


  • Jeremy Fincher

    Jeremy Fincher - 2004-09-27

    Logged In: YES

    You said, "I would like to have more fine grained control over how
    the bot ignores things." Could you expand on this? Many of the things in
    this list don't really apply to a bot -- for instance, replies, actions, etc.
    The only thing that seems to make sense is exceptions. Is that all that
    you really want?

  • Karlis Loen

    Karlis Loen - 2004-09-28

    Logged In: YES

    The biggest improvement would be regexp style ignoring, yes.
    The ability to ignore urls coming from one user would be an
    example that I would use it for. That way the bot doesn't
    have to ignore everything the person says just because they
    have a script that runs (preforming the tinyurl function,
    thus causing titlesnarf to be called twice for effectively
    the same url -- tinysnarf is disabled in the channel, and
    currently it ingores everything from this person :( )

    There's my real world example. :) This could be expanded to
    many other specific uses.

  • Jeremy Fincher

    Jeremy Fincher - 2004-10-09

    Logged In: YES

    This sounds like a very doable first plugin to write, Hagabard :)


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