#245 Make heralds command calls instead of plain text


It might be nice to allow variable herald text via
using commands. So if you have moobotfactoids loaded,
for example, you could have a factoid with a random
greeting in it that gets called for each join.

<foo> @foo-herald is <reply>(baz|qux|quux)!
<foo> @herald add foo foo-herald
--- foo has joined #bar
<supybot> baz!
--- foo has left #bar
--- foo has joined #bar
<supybot> qux!

^^ example


  • Jeremy Fincher

    Jeremy Fincher - 2004-01-12

    Logged In: YES

    I think if we do this, it should be optional, and not the default. How would
    you feel about a --command option?


  • Daniel DiPaolo

    Daniel DiPaolo - 2004-01-12

    Logged In: YES

    I'm not totally against it, though I do have an idea that
    I'm not entirely certain is a good one. Perhaps a
    configurable is in order? If the configurable value is
    "command" then we try to execute the herald text as a
    command. If it's "text", we quote it verbatim. Do we have
    some sort of ConfigurableOptionListType or something that we
    can use to restrict the configurable to one of these two
    values? Is this configurable even a good idea? I think
    it'd be nice to accomodate those people who want the command
    behavior by default. Perhaps have this in conjunction with
    --command/--text options which can be used to counter
    whatever the default is in that channel.


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