#431 reconnection failure


My connection to the IRC server for one bot I'm running
timed out. My irc client reconnected after several
retries, but supybot did not. I had to manually
restart supybot. I'll try to provide more details
soon, but reproducing a ping timout is a pain to reproduce.


  • Grant Bowman

    Grant Bowman - 2004-09-17

    Logged In: YES

    Here's the part in logs/misc.log that is relevant. It seems
    to have given up and stopped trying to reconnect.

    WARNING [17-Sep-2004 07:54:16] Reconnecting to
    irc.osafoundation.org, ping not replied to.
    INFO [17-Sep-2004 07:54:16] Reconnecting to osaf.
    INFO [17-Sep-2004 07:54:16] Queuing NICK command, nick is soup.
    INFO [17-Sep-2004 07:54:16] Queuing USER command, ident is
    soup, user is soup.
    WARNING [17-Sep-2004 07:54:16] Disconnect from
    irc.osafoundation.org:6667: Connection was closed cleanly.
    INFO [17-Sep-2004 07:54:19] Connecting to
    WARNING [17-Sep-2004 07:54:49] Error connecting to
    irc.osafoundation.org:6667: User timeout caused connection
    INFO [17-Sep-2004 08:38:53] Garbage collected.
    INFO [17-Sep-2004 09:38:53] Garbage collected.

    Then I found it and killed it before restarting
    INFO [17-Sep-2004 09:52:42] Exiting due to Signal #15

  • Jeremy Fincher

    Jeremy Fincher - 2004-09-17

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for that portion from your logs, it was the key to finding the
    problem. You uncovered not only a bug in Supybot, but a bug in Twisted,
    congrats :)

    It's worked-around in our CVS.


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