[Playing the leader in follow-the-leader]
> I don't think that this is particular fun, since you can't win

Follow the leader engine must've been changed, e.g. add a duel with the leader at the end. Always (psuedo)-random position. And the leader gets something extra if he eliminates some kart (e.g. bowl for eliminating kart #3 and boost for eliminating kart #5)

After all, at least in multiplayer games, the position should be (psuedo)-random, as for me. This would make the gameplay more interesting

2012/5/8 Marc Glisse <marc.glisse@gmail.com>

sorry, I am not subscribed to the list so I didn't see the answers
right away. I'll try to answer as I can.

> Not sure if this is worth the effort to be honest.

I mostly suggested it because it sounded like you'd already done all
the hard work (make it look great for a human player, have an AI, they
just need to be connected). If it is a lot of work, please forget the

Your score could be that of a predetermined AI kart, that you as a
leader try to help. Just a suggestion, possibly not that fun.

>> I really like the new addons. It is true that some tracks may not be
>> quite as polished as others, but quantity and variety matter a lot.
> Thanks, the designer of those tracks and karts certainly will love
> hearing this ;)

Argh, my sentence ended up sounding like the addon tracks were bad,
which certainly wasn't what I meant. I ended up with that bad sentence
because I was trying to avoid admitting that I have more fun with some
of the addons than the regular tracks...

> At this stage STK is single threaded (except for addons manager). More
> than 20 karts is unlikely (all tracks must be tested that the last kart
> is still ahead of all internal checkpoints etc; ...).

Indeed, in 0.7 it happened regularly with 20 karts that the game would
lose track and take me from the 1st to the last position... With the
current version, it seems like the cases where it loses my position
are due to tracks where it wrongly believes I took a shortcut (happens
regularly in "peaceful park", "what a mesh" and sometimes some
others). Although I could be misinterpreting what causes those issues.

> But it's easy to change this limit:
> find the file data/stk_config.xml, and change the line <karts max-number="20"/>

Thanks, I might try it some day.

> That track might be completely replaced once we have a better one.

If the new one is different enough, please keep the old one in the
addons, it is quite nice (this is a compliment to the current track,
not trying to disparage the future one at all).

> most people say that the AIs should be improved

There is that, yes.

>> AIs have gotten way more aggressive in their driving and will happily
>> go out of their way to bump into you. Even if it makes them suffer
> I am not aware of any major changes to the AI code ... since 0.6 or so I
> think. So I am not sure what might cause this.

Ah, funny to hear that. The stronger aspiration when you are behind an
other kart might play a role, but I think I've seen the aggressive
behavior even without it.

> I at least usually prefer to pick a track

I often pick a track. But then it is seldom the one that appears
first. And I often use the random track for suggestions, but cancel
the first 1 or 2 it suggests.

One last thing I forgot the first time. Note that I've mostly played
0.7, and I am not sure if this has changed since. When a weapon hits a
kart, it automatically hits all nearby karts (except the one who threw
it). It can mean that when your kart is right behind one and right in
front of another one, using a weapon on the one in front also hurts
the one in the back, which is strange. And more frustrating, sometimes
you manage to avoid a bowling ball and are ready to celebrate, but the
AI kart behind you gets the ball and that also affects you. I am not
sure this should change, it may be the way that gives the best playing
experience, it can just feel strange.

Thanks again for the great game and your answers,


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