sharing addons between users is unlikely to happen, sorry, the work required to implement this far outweights the occasional times where it would be useful (besides, permissions may make this tricky, STK would generally not be allowed to read into other user's accounts without you modifying the permissions on said files).

Regarding loading local GPs, I created a ticket : https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/supertuxkart/ticket/1124 . No promise as to when this will happen, but it won't be forgotten!

-- Auria

2013/12/1 Marcin M. <marmistrzmar@gmail.com>

A small feature request. Maybe STK could load the grand prix files from .local/share/supertuxkart
So that someone can create his own GP and use it.

And btw., maybe it'd be possible to use .local of an other user. E.g. user `mozilla` plays, has all addons downloaded in /home/mozilla/.local. User `tux` wants to play too, but doesn't want to download all the tracks once again. Instead he specifies that he wants to use mozilla's tracks (but uses them read-only)


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