Hi Auria,
 As you have said, I have successfully compiled and installed SuperTuxKart on my ubuntu and have read the documentation, I feel much clear about the game than, I was before doing it....

Thank you for asking me to compile 1st as my target, I'm really satisfied with it.

""""welcome to SupertTuxKart. First I must say that at least average knowledge in C++ is required to work
on SuperTuxKart. We are receiving a lot of high quality proposals from students so I am afraid you may
have a hard time competing with other students that have a good knowledge of C++.""""

I'm very thankful to you for this information,
if I could not participate this time
I will be happy for what I have learnt about open sources and will try to improve it in free time and maybe try next time.

I will try to participate with all my efforts this time & will learn as much as I can.

Now that, I have completed compiling the source code. Please give me the next target.
(I expect to get a target that makes me aware how to modify the source code and compile, install and then play the game,
if( u give me a target as I have expected)
{please say me will I have to Build Irrlicht,Build SuperTuxKart & Install
just {Build SuperTuxKart and install})

               Thank you Sir,

with Regards,
Akhil Ennu