Hi Cyprian,

You might end up finding it in 0.8, see this bug report and the milestones page.
I think it depends mostly on how fast hiker/auria/random volunteers get through the other planned stuff, since I assume it's of lower priority than some of the other things.

Ward Muylaert

On 18 December 2011 14:59, Cyprian Dedecjus <cyprian.dedecjus@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi guys.
I played STK few weeks, it is really fun game.

What i want to propose is to make it possible to play all tracks in reverse,
in opposite direction.

It should be relatively easy to implement, and it will virtually dobule
amount of tracks. And double the fun :)
I tried to ride few track in reverse direction,  it looks fine, and
feels like new track in same style.

Another trick could be to make it possible to play mirrored tracks ( so
right curve is left, left is right )
maybe a bit harder than the other one, but worth the effort as well.

These tricks were used already in few car games (one of NFS series as
well, if i remember correctly )

What do you think?


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