Thanks for reporting this. The bug is known, but is currently considered *minor* priority with the reasoning "Postponing this to later, since it certainly is not a release stopper for 0.7.3. Also setting it to minor, since for 'normal' players updated will be rather rare, it's more developers/beta testers who more often see updates." See here for the full bug report https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/supertuxkart/ticket/469

Ward Muylaert

On 15 December 2011 18:17, Bradley Ruga <cheesebrother@gmail.com> wrote:
Just a quick note.  I think that in the game addons when an update is available there should also be an uninstall button.  Had to download a 4mb file just to uninstall a track.  Had subsea and then it was added to the game and i wanted to uninstall the old one.  Even if someone doens't have that case it would be a good thing to have the button.  Cheesbrother.
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