Hi :)

2010/12/16 Joerg Henrichs <joerg@luding.org>
Hi Xapantu,

I've started looking at the addon manager, as you might have noticed :)
Most likely I will do some major changes - I have only now started
looking at the code after getting it to compile, so I am not entirely
sure yet. E.g. I will try to move most of the threading inside the addon
manager (or so), not into the menus where some of it currently is. But I
have to understand the code a bit more.
ok, it is my first thread code, and it may be buggy (and dirty) :(

But main point is that I will likely change code all over the place :)
Are you currently actively working on the addon manager? If so we have
to commit more often in order to avoid too many clashes between us.
No, I haven't much time now, each year, I have a bit more work at school :(
I commited all the things I did :)

-- xapantu