I am not sure what you mean for 1. You can propose for an idea from our ideas page, or another idea of your own (but in the latter case please discuss it with us first)

For IRC, just google a bit, there are many IRC clients. You do not need to create an account. You can also chat in your browser, see the relevant page on our website.

And sorry I am not sure either about #3. If that is what you mean, there is no requirement that you need to cite other sources

-- Auria


I need somethings to be clear regarding GSOC Proposal

1. Will I have to propose a new Idea and give my own title to it? Can I work on Mentors Ideas?

2. How do I get connected to irc, directly via skype or such messengers or will I have to create a new id for that?

3. Additional Info: Will I have to collect data of how my idea is to be implemented or how it would look after implementation, from any other site?

Please inform me about proposal, I want to give my proposal as soon as possible.
                              Thank you,

Akhil Ennu

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