we believe that just doing a replay is not a task difficult enough to spend an entire summer on,
so ideally a proposal should consider spending some time integrating new parameters into
the simulation

-- Auria

Do we also have to take all the inputs from all the clients on the network and then  run the simulation or do we just have to rewind it?
Actually ,what I understood from the project description given on the website was that just rewind it and then play.Including the input of the other players and then running the simulation was to be done later and is a part of the larger implementation not at the GSOC level.So if I understood it wrongly will I also require knowledge of networking here as I would need to know which clients on the network had sent the message or the packet so that I can record it on the state stack.

Thanks for the reply.

From: mmg <auria.mg@gmail.com>
To: Jaskaran Virdi <jaskaranvirdi@ymail.com>; supertuxkart-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
Sent: Monday, 29 April 2013 12:53 AM
Subject: Re: [Supertuxkart-devel] No response

we receive a lot of mails, so please allow us some time to respond. Especially on weekends

Regarding your proposals, I went through it and it is going in the right direction. However
I think your analysis of the problem needs to be expanded; at this time you offer some
pseudo-code for replay. However, for networking, we need to go a step beyond replay.
Indeed, when a message is received with lag, it is not sufficient to replay what happened
for the last few frames; we must instead go back a few frames back, then alter the parameters
and run the physics/gameplay again. For instance the server may receive a message saying
"kart Wilber collided with kart Tux 100 ms ago". When such a message is received, the game
needs to go 100 ms back in time, make the collision happen, and then run the game again
from that point, this time taking the collision into account. I believe your proposal currently
does not completely address this issue, since you deal with rewinding and replaying but not
running a new physics simulation based on new parameters

-- Auria

It seems you all are very busy right now as nobody is replying to the last mail I sent.
Thanks for the reply 

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