I believe the irrlicht we use is based on irrlicht 1.8, which is the latest stable release, so I see no use in updating now.
And yes our version is a "soft fork", in that we have our changes in it, but intend to keep up with upstream

Why we use our own version is to change the irrlicht configuration, add features and fix bugs, that upstream may
not accept (or that upstream will eventually accept but this way we don't need to wait for them before we can do
what we want)

-- Auria

Hi Auria,

I know that STK use the own Irrlicht. My static packages use the stk irrlicht too. Is the stk version of Irrlicht a fork? Why do you use an own version of it? The new Irrlicht revision works very well on Tiger. And STK has compiled until 54%. The Tiger- maybe also the Panther version is until 75% done. We could release a new PPC version of STK 0.8 for Tiger, Panther, and for Leopard too. Do you plan an update of your own Irrlicht version?