could you run STK on terminal like this :

supertuxkart --gamepad-visualisation

(if you run in fullscreen, please first switch to windowed mode!). Then press the button and see how it dehaves. What is the value of the button when you press it and when you release it, are they okay on that screen?

-- Auria
First of all thanks a lot for your job, STK is definitively funny. I recently upgraded to the 0.7.3 version, via GetDeb site and I see that there are amazing improvements from 0.6.2 version in ubuntu repos.
Yes, I have Ubuntu 10.04 (AMD64) on a self made pc, with Athlon X2 64 5200+ and 2 GB ram, Video card is nVidia G210.
I use a joystick like this:
Bus 002 Device 003: ID 0079:0006 DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick
The joy is detected from STK and I can configure buttons without problems (as many other games I frequently run), but the steering and throttle/brake buttons (or axis) have a strange behavior: when I push the button (or move the stick) STK sense the movement and react, but when I release the button (or the stick) STK doesn't sense that has to put in "zero" position the steering wheel or the throttle.
Only if I use the stick with a very very short movement and if I release slovely the stick, STK sense that has to go back to "zero" position. That makes very difficult to drive the kart (with 0.6.2 version I had not that problem).
I'm italian, so my english is not perfect, I hope that you can understand what I mean.
I would apreciate a lot your help, to continue enjoy this fantastic game in this new version.
Thx a lot.

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