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SuperQuaiL Version 0.8

Basic bug fixes.

1) Fix crash with oracle driver
2) Double clicking on table doesn't expand nodes

Posted by Rudster 2007-07-12

SuperQuaiL Version 0.7 - Plugins

SuperQuaiL Version 0.7

Vesion 0.7 introduces the new plugin interface which gives users of SuperQuaiL the ability to write their own functionality. To implement a plugin use the superquail jar as a starting point while creating a java project. Then choose the type of plugin you want to create. There are three types: IPlugin - a generic plugin, IPluginAction - a plugin which performs and action, and IPluginMultipleAction - a plugin which has many IPluginActions.... read more

Posted by Rudster 2007-04-15

SuperQuaiL Version 0.6

This new version of SuperQuail comes with a couple of bug fixes and feature upgrades.

New Features:
- Results Panel can be sorted by colum. By clicking on a column heading results of the table will be sorted.
- Properties of a table and column can be seen
by right clicking on the database navigator tree.
- Database Connection Settings have been updated so that you can see more than one connection at a time.
- Changed sqljdbc.jar to sqljdbc_sql_server_2005.jar and added sqljdbc_sql_server_2000.jar as drivers... read more

Posted by Rudster 2007-02-02

SuperQuaiL Version 0.5 - Linux

SuperQuaiL now works in Linux. This build addresses issues where SuperQuaiL has problems with the file path. Also, adjustments have been made to make SuperQuaiL work better under the Linux environment. For testing, I used Mandriva 2006 and the database I tested it with was IBM iSeries AS400.

- To use SuperQuaiL use the command
java -jar SuperQuaiL.jar

- SuperQuaiL will use your home directory to store its configuration files. For all non windows OS machines the folder will be .SuperQuaiL and for windows it would be just SuperQuaiL. For example, if you home directory is /home/user then SuperQuaiL configuration files will be stored in /home/user/.SuperQuaiL

Posted by Rudster 2006-12-12

SuperQuaiL Version 0.4

Version 0.4 introduces a new feature that makes connecting to the database easier. In the connection dialog, a list of databases can be choosen. Depending on what you choose, the name of the jdbc driver class, the jdbc connection url, and the location of the jar will be filled out for you. Some of the selections will come with pre-installed drivers depending on what you choose in the download. ... read more

Posted by rudy yeung 2006-12-07

SuperQuaiL Version 0.3

SuperQuail Version 0.3

Mainly a bug fix build where enough bugs have been fixed to justify a new version number and build. Below are a list of bugs and features that have been updated.


- Arguments panel now check the type of the value for the argument. if the argument has an integer type, then the value field will be red until it has a proper integer in it. also, sql statements will not run unless the arguments all have proper values.... read more

Posted by rudy yeung 2006-11-28

SuperQuaiL Version 0.2

Version 0.2 of SuperQuaiL is up. This new version includes a database navigator and query builder wizards.

Posted by rudy yeung 2006-10-31

SuperQuaiL Version 0.1

The very first version of SuperQuaiL has been built. This application has just the basic features to get you started on building queiries. The main strengths of SuperQuaiL is that it loads quickly, for me it loads in a couple of seconds, and the prepared statement editor, which allows you to input "?" into SQL just like you would when writing queries in Java code. There is a clean function that strips Java Code away, as in double quotes, and hopefully leaves you with the actual SQL you want to run. This is usefull when you paste SQL code from a Java Source File into SuperQuaiL.

Posted by rudy yeung 2006-10-05

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