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Code Log

Commit Date  
[r16] (HEAD) by yogee

Added ICon files to upload in

2013-07-09 08:56:16 Tree
[r15] by yogee

Reduced Exe size by changing icon size and added credit for icon creator.

2013-07-09 08:45:47 Tree
[r14] by yogee

reduced icon size

2013-07-09 08:38:01 Tree
[r13] by yogee
2013-07-09 08:21:34 Tree
[r12] by yogee

Added new Icon

2013-07-09 07:43:26 Tree
[r11] by yogee

Tagged For release 1.3

2013-07-09 07:02:18 Tree
[r10] by yogee

All Short Cuts are configurable now.

2013-07-09 07:00:57 Tree
[r9] by yogee

Added Textboxes

2013-07-08 13:40:16 Tree
[r8] by yogee

1.2, A major release with loads of new features.

2013-01-25 21:35:40 Tree
[r7] by yogee

Some more bug fixes
ILMerge for single app
Tab Index correction

2013-01-25 21:34:02 Tree
[r6] by yogee

Project Renamed.
Added - 'F' to fire
Added - point and shoot
Added - Stop After click/time
Corrected - label text when drag is selected
Improved - Removed Thread.Sleeps, added monitors.wait.

2013-01-22 22:25:30 Tree
[r5] by yogee


2013-01-22 07:33:10 Tree
[r4] by yogee

Many bug fixes (specially for drag functionality).

2013-01-21 20:54:43 Tree
[r3] by yogee

Drag Works

2013-01-07 00:05:18 Tree
[r2] by yogee

Initial Checkin

2013-01-06 22:21:59 Tree
[r1] by allura

Initial commit

2013-01-06 21:48:59 Tree