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OBLISK 1.3.0 Released!

- O_bbank no longer calls everything GLGPL.
- O_libget now uses fldialog where possible.
- Distribute xproto/xlib, gcc/g++ and glibc dependencies (a very major change).

Posted by Gregor Richards 2006-05-19

OBLISK 1.2.8 Released!

This release brings some nice new features, most notably dependency resolution of libc, libgcc and libstdc++. It still attempts to compile statically against libstdc++ if possible, but if that fails, it will resolve that dependency, as well as libgcc_s.so.1 (which often has minor but deadly differences). It can even resolve libc, though this is less likely to actually work. A revision-level change (2.3.1->2.3.5 for example) would probably work fine.... read more

Posted by Gregor Richards 2006-04-13

OBLISK 1.2.7 Released!

This release fixes a number of bugs. Here's the changelog:
- Fixed a bug in fl_progress that caused it to freeze on occasion.
- Fixed a bug in O_build that caused -m to malfunction.
- Added list of binaries to guide.html.
- Fixed a bug in O_bbank_getline that made L: builds sometimes fail.
- Added some acceptable filenames to O_ldd.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2006-01-20

OBLISK 1.2.6 Released!

This release adds O_ldd and ... progress bars! (Finally)

- Added O_ldd, a tool to audiot OBLISK dependencies.
- A long overdue update to guide.html.
- Progress bars (finally!)

Posted by Gregor Richards 2006-01-08

OBLISK 1.2.5 Released!

This is a bugfix release, with mostly changes to O_bbank:

- Rewrote the OBline function in C for speed.
- Added pbuild to O_bbank (finally).
- Made O_build remove O_inst and O_libs if they already exist.
- Added support for "manual" (non-configure/make) builds in O_bbank.
- Quoted all instances of "$@" in shell scripts (silly bug).
- Support compiler overrides in O_bbank.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2006-01-07

OBLISK 1.2.4 Released!

This release fixes some issues with 1.2.3.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2006-01-02

OBLISK 1.2.2 Released!

I fixed a problem with Dsf support in O_bbank, and also added a nice manual mode to O_build.

Use O_build -m to build in manual mode, rather than automatic (./configure && make && make install), for funky packages etc.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2005-11-14

OBLISK 1.2.1 Released!

This release sees mainly the addition of O_staticize

Posted by Gregor Richards 2005-11-10

OBLISK 1.2.0 Released!

1.2.0 adds the (to-be-documented) O_bbank feature, making prerequisite building easier.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2005-09-28

OBLISK 1.1.0 Released!

Sorry to make another release in such a short time. The installer is now slightly (very slightly) graphical, with a very simple FLTK interface that compiles in statically.

Since this added a significant prerequisite (FLTK), I decided to bump the minor to 1.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2005-09-16

OBLISK 1.0.6 Released!

OBLISK 1.0.6 has some minor bug fixes above 1.0.5, nothing user-visible.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2005-09-13

OBLISK 1.0.5 Released!

OBLISK 1.0.3 had no known bugs, 1.0.5 simply adds the convenient O_buildlib tool.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2005-08-04

OBLISK 1.0.3 Released!

OBLISK 1.0.3 fixes some configuration issues with OBLISK 1.0.2. OBLISK 1.0.2, which I forgot to make a news post for, adds a handy tool so that non-OBLISK-related programs can relocate, if OBLISK is installed. I made it for another project of my own. Yes, I have project nepotism.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2005-06-29

OBLISK 1.0.1 Released!

This is a bugfix release. It also has the added feature of custom banners, however.

Changes from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1:
- Intelligent tracing of symbols.
- Support for customized banners during install.
- Conservation of modes during install.
- Proper support for multiple library downloads.
- Proper error handling for failed mmap in relocto.c

Posted by Gregor Richards 2005-05-21

OBLISK 1.0.0 Released!

OBLISK 1.0.0, the first non-beta version of OBLISK, has been released! It only has slight changes from OBLISK 0.20, which was working great anyway. Maybe I'll document it sometime. Maybe.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2005-05-20

OBLISK 0.20 Released!

OBLISK 0.20 is a COMPLETE rewrite. It has nearly all of the features of OBLISK 0.11, but is far better organized, and, packages can be ran with absolutely no form of installation, straight out of the package's directory! All dependencies are still resolved automatically, and any autotooled package can be made totally relocatable with OBLISK 0.20.
At some point, I'll write documentation. But not now ;)

Posted by Gregor Richards 2005-01-29

New site, new docs, new layout, new name: OBLISK 0.11

Everything has changed between SupaRun/AutoLDD 0.10 and OBLISK 0.11. There is far more than I can possibly mention briefly. Just visit the site, http://oblisk.codu.org/

OBLISK, for those of you who don't know, is a binary packaging system which aims to be compatible with every modern Linux distribution out there. There are a number of systems it's known to work with - indeed, I haven't found a single modern distribution that it hasn't worked with. However, it's still in development, and the best is yet to come!... read more

Posted by Gregor Richards 2004-09-23

SupaRun/AutoLDD makes it's debut

I'm probably not the only person who has been fed up with the utter lack of generic installers for Linux. Looking through the Installation/Setup group, I found quite a few in the planning stage, and a few written in Java, or Perl, or something else that has a significant dependency, but none that are simple, small, and generic. RPMs are great, DEBs are great, slackware packages are great, gentoo packs are great, etc, etc, etc, but they're numerous, and none will run well on other distributions. DEBs do the best amongst Debian-related distributions, but won't do anything on RPM-based distributions. RPMs are quite often not even compatible between RPM-based distributions!
Enter SupaRun/AutoLDD.
This is a hobby program I wrote (and am writing) as a generic installer. I purport that it guarantees to install on any GNU/Linux system and, for the most part, it does. I have an olde RedHat 1 box, and it is now running FreeCiv 1.14.1 :)
SupaRun packages files into a bash shell script which will extract them. Because shell scripts are generic, it will run on nearly any GNU/Linux system. AutoLDD checks for necessary libraries and correct versions and, if not found, downloads and installs them, without overwriting any current libraries. The combination makes a system that rarely fails to install anything . . . at least, not as far as I've seen . . . but I've only tested it on a few computers.
This is simpler than it sounds . . . I'm not actually much of an expert at shell scripts, I just follow the rule: keep it PAINFULLY simple.
Right now I'm on version 0.3 of SupaRun and 0.2 of AutoLDD, so don't expect perfection ;), but please feel free to test it, and most importantly, post BUGS!

Posted by Gregor Richards 2004-05-01

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