ErrorLink: incorrect cursor positioning

  • Michael Giroux

    Michael Giroux - 2005-04-01

    ErrorLink positions the cursor to the line and column specified in the console message.  If for some reason, the column number collected by the pattern is past the end of the line, the cursor is set at some location on a subsequent line.  For example, given a series of 3 character lines, if the pattern indicates line 1, column 10, then errorlink will place the cursor somewhere in the fourth line.

    Technically, I guess this is a user error for describing the pattern wrong, or maybe a problem with the tool that generated the message, so I'll stop short of filing a bug report.

    Any chance a future version could do a little sanity check on the values?  For example, if the line number is wrong and the column is beyond the end of the line, place the cursor after last character.

    Michael Giroux

    • Matthew Conway

      Matthew Conway - 2005-04-01

      Done, in cvs - may only compile for 3.1 though

      I also added columnEnd grouping so that you can select a portion of the line based on error message.

      Also fixed the resolving of workspace relative files (only absolute  paths was working correctly)


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