BSF output to the editor?

  • Stephen Shutt

    Stephen Shutt - 2006-02-09

    Firstly let me say drag and drops brilliant, makes things so much easier.

    Secondly, I can see BSF being very useful as a macro system, I'm assuming theres an entier Object model we have access to with the Javascript?

    What I really need for myself is a way of writing some text to the editor, I couldnt find this anywhere and BSF looks my best bet, I know enough javascript to do what I want but I can't figure out how to actually get it to write to the editor.

    Can someone point me in the direction of a guide so I can write the script I want?

    Also (this is a feature request) it would be good for me if the BSF menu could be made as a view so you could see your scripts and double click them to run. Also alow an unlimited amount of scripts in the view maybe displayed as a categorised tree.


    • Stephen Shutt

      Stephen Shutt - 2006-02-09

      Nevermind found it in the default library

      gotta start reading onscreen instructions :)

      inserText() how obvious was that :)


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