At 15:06 22.07.2003, Dennis Smith wrote:

Jarvis, Robert P. (Contingent) wrote:
So what's needed is the ability to select a bunch of tests, hit a button or select a menu item (e.g. "Run Multiple Times..."), have a dialog pop up that allows the user to enter a repeat count, and then have the selected tests run multiple times.
Something like that yes.
Which UI are you using for running your tests?  (SUnitBrowser?  TestRunner?)  And are you using VisualWorks, VAST, Dolphin, Squeak, or some other Smalltalk implementation?
TestRunner (What is SUnitBorwser, is that Jeff Odell's?  I don't see it available for other than Dolphin, or did I miss something?).

Jeff's browser is only available for VA and Dolphin.

VisualWorks (5i.4 right now because of Gemstone debugger).

I see. I never ported SUnit 3.1 to VW 5i. Shouldn't be difficult, tho.You might want to ping Niall Ross, who probably already has it...


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