Bake Lightmap tutorial needed

  • alelink

    alelink - 2007-01-25

    there is an "artist-comprehensive" tutorial to create lightmaps to use in a realtime environment?
    thank you!!

    • Christopher Kulla

      Not yet unfortunately. Here's the basic idea though:

      1) make sure the object you want to bake textures for has non-overlapping UV coordinates that fall in the [0,1] square
      2) export your scene
      3) make sure it renders regularly (as seen from the camera)
      4) launch a render on the command line with the following extra arguments:
          -bake <object_name>.instance
          -bakedir ortho (for diffuse maps)
          -bakedir view  (for reflections/speculars as seen from the main camera) -- these will only look right when viewed through the same camera viewpoint

      replace <object_name> with the name of the mesh to bake

      The image that gets rendered should map back to your object cleanly. Please let me know if it doesn't.

    • alelink

      alelink - 2007-01-26

      Ok thanks :),
      I'll try this workflow in weekend and I let you know.

      thank again!

  • havanasud

    havanasud - 2011-08-24

    Hi, I have able to render a texture but I not view the bump effect on generated image.


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