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  • rendetto

    rendetto - 2007-02-18

    Hi all!

    First I want to say,  thank you Christopher,  for sharing such a wonderful system like Sunflow. It seems to be very promising, even written in Java.
    I'm starting to test some of the capabilities of Sunflow and I wonder, is it possible to modulate with texture the specularity, reflectance and other characteristics of a shader, besides diffuse and bump texturing? I guess that I have to write custom Janino shader, like for Renderman compliant renderer. Is it possible to show an example how to do that, something like basic template - simple Lambert, Phong, Mirror, Glass and some variants with texture modulation. I'm interested if that's possible, is it possible to make custom mapping (like normal and reflection, besides simple UV mapping).



    • Christopher Kulla

      Yes at the moment, the best way to achieve those kinds of effects is to write a Janino shader. Then you will have complete control and can implement any of the effects you want. Of course this is only for those who understand the basic maths behind shaders. The best way to see how this would work is to look at the shaders inside the sunflow source code itself. This will give you a feel for how they look. The next release will have plugins which make it easier to write external shaders and create/access them inside scene files.

      Eventually though, I plan to implement general shading graphs so you can plug shaders together to build up the effects you are looking for without requiring programming.

    • rendetto

      rendetto - 2007-02-19

      Thanks Christopher,

      I have some basic experience with Renderman shaders, so perhaps, I guess it can't be too different.



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