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  • jason iversen

    jason iversen - 2007-02-17

    While I've done my best to copy what I see in the various example.zip scene files and scrounging through the Blender python script, I find that I'm missing any good reference on what best practices to follow. I think I read that there might be new ways to represent color in the .sc file, or transforms - can I use matrices instead of eulers? Motion-blur types? I'd love to know what all the latest techniques I should be using.

    I'm finding the parser extremely strict in what it expects in sequence; which is kind of frustrating because it makes a data-driven, flexible approach impossible and, instead, I'm ending up with tons of 'if/elif' statements to support the various entities. I'm worried that I might be missing the "right way" to do this.

    Is there any kind of format documentation?  Any .sc files with the latest definitions of every single entity?

    On the good side; I will have a couple of little test images I might be able to post up by the end of the day. I have meshes, simple lights and cameras defined :) it's working.

    • jason iversen

      jason iversen - 2007-02-17

      Another quick question; what is the rotation order of your Eulers?

    • jason iversen

      jason iversen - 2007-02-18

      Ah; I found "transform col"; so much easier!:)

    • Christopher Kulla

      Glad you found transform col. I was in the middle of typing up the description of that ;)

      There's also "transform row" if you prefer things the other way around. You can use this syntax for cameras too in place of the "eye/target/up" triplets.

      I am aware of the problems with the syntax of the current parser. I'm going to be adding a totally generic object block that will be used for all object creation (geo,instances,shaders,lights,etc..) in the next version. This will let you write down the params in any order and make them all optional (as long as they have defaults). Having a single unified syntax will make also make the binary version of the file format much more straightforward and symmetric to the ascii one.

      I'm afraid documentation isn't ready yet :( I'm kind of waiting to complete the new file format first to make it all easier. In the mean time the best docs is the SCParser.java source ;)

      Looking forward to your images!

    • jason iversen

      jason iversen - 2007-02-21

      Hi all,

      The Houdini to SunFlow exporter I have cobbled together is probably 75% complete.


      It supports:
      */ All the surface shaders I could find
      */ Modifier shaders
      */ Triangle mesh objects
      */ Point, Sun/Sky, IBL, Meshlights

      Initial support for:
      */ thinlens DOF effects

      Coming up sometime:
      */ Particle support (will probably just use ASCII inline version when it gets compiled)
      */ Motionblur, if SunFlow supports it?

      I can't distribute this right now because its written in the Houdini 9 alpha version but as soon as they have a public version, I'll post it up.

      Cheers and thanks Christopher for your support,

      • Christopher Kulla

        Awesome! Will this work with their free apprentice version? I'd love to play around with it.

        Motion blur is only supported on cameras at the moment. It will probably be added on objects soon though. I think I've posted some examples on the forum let me know if they aren't clear.

        • jason iversen

          jason iversen - 2007-02-21

          Not knowing officially - but it should work with Apprentice, yes. The exporter is all using the python interface so it should be a-ok.

          I'll look about for the motion blur stuff soon.


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