Big Stink
  • Big Stink

    Big Stink - 2011-09-30

    Hi, I am just getting into sunflow and was wondering if there are an example renders with water in them.

    I have a mesh representing the water surface, but I'm not sure what kind of setting to give it to make it look like water when rendering

    Also, is this still the main forum? :)

  • hargakanay

    hargakanay - 2012-08-24

    Hi there,

    Did you get anywhere with this? I'm doing something similar at the moment. I've tried two approaches: one, use a mirror shader for the water. This looks quite good because my water-mesh has ripples, but it doesn't reveal anything underneath the surface. Approach two was to use a  glass shader - if you set the refractive index to slightly more than 1 (e.g. 1.3), the water surface reflects, but things underneath the mesh are still visible. Any higher (e.g. 2 and above) and the shader behaves like a mirror only, and nothing beneath is visible. However, I found that the stuff underneath the mesh was not easy to make out - it was very dark - and I got some aliasing-like artefacts (which I think was due to interference between the 'grid size' of my mesh, and the texture of the stuff beneath), and in the end I stuck with the glass shader.

    I've been wondering whether this is the main forum; it seems pretty dead, but I can't find another one. It's kind of a shame; I've only been using Sunflow for a few months and have all kinds of questions :)

  • hargakanay

    hargakanay - 2012-08-26

    >in the end I stuck with the glass shader.

    I mean the mirror shader!


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