Commit Date  
[r2145] by kalimgard

added a real crypt as the entrance to Maylons Grave

2010-10-13 13:59:25 Tree
[r2144] by fusion45

- tooltips stay for as long as the mouse pointer is on the icon
- refactored how item description lists are generated

2010-10-11 18:31:28 Tree
[r2143] by fusion45

- fixed broken tooltips

2010-10-10 13:14:52 Tree
[r2142] by fusion45

- added documentation to TooltipManager

2010-10-09 18:20:56 Tree
[r2141] by kalimgard

added enchanters to Joringsbridge and Dwarfenwall

2010-10-07 21:38:43 Tree
[r2140] by fra9000

accidentally changed ogre.cfg, now it's fixed.

2010-10-07 17:24:34 Tree
[r2139] by fra9000

install instructions updated, (ubuntu section).

2010-10-07 17:15:29 Tree
[r2138] by fusion45

- accidently broke cmake scripts for finding OggVorbis, its fixed now

2010-10-07 16:56:42 Tree
[r2137] by kemic

translation: skill's descriptions added (sumwars.po)

2010-10-06 20:50:56 Tree
[r2136] by kemic

splitting of german and italian translation finished

2010-10-06 19:00:25 Tree
[r2135] by kemic

splitting of russian translation finished

2010-10-06 17:46:31 Tree
[r2134] by kemic

gettext domain splitting

2010-10-05 21:36:46 Tree
[r2133] by wuha

inserted some additional error checking into the rayhit checking routine (hoping to catch the segfault)

2010-10-04 20:12:07 Tree
[r2132] by fusion45

- added some documentation
- fixed the item tooltips (still doesn't work 100%)

2010-10-04 19:39:41 Tree
[r2131] by fusion45

- tooltips changed to disapear when they leave the parent icon

2010-10-03 19:40:13 Tree
[r2130] by wuha

Removed old automake build system

2010-10-03 19:14:38 Tree
[r2129] by wuha

updated INSTALL and README to new library versions

2010-10-03 19:10:51 Tree
[r2128] by fusion45

- fixed the tooltip font color

2010-10-03 17:21:08 Tree
[r2127] by fusion45

- removed references to pthreads from cmake scripts

2010-10-02 19:33:12 Tree
[r2126] by wuha

removed requirement for pthread lib

2010-10-02 19:29:04 Tree
[r2125] by fusion45

- changed cmake scripts to work correctly for visual studio

2010-10-02 19:16:03 Tree
[r2124] by mafm

Remove references to Raknet (not used for a while) and to the HDRS variable (never used before)

2010-09-27 22:03:09 Tree
[r2123] by fusion45

- moved tooltips into their own file
- fixed the text encoding bug

2010-09-27 18:42:43 Tree
[r2122] by mafm

Already in src/

2010-09-27 18:28:35 Tree
[r2121] by fusion45

- fixed come compiler warnings
- disabled all shadow code

2010-09-27 17:58:11 Tree
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