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SUMO 0.4.1 patch available

Fixed bug on users module: wrong password when update current user through "Change password" after message notification.

Posted by Alberto Basso 2009-06-15

SUMO 0.4.0 released

SUMO Access Manager is a security system written in PHP that protect your web applications adding on your source code only ONE LINE of code!
Administrators can manage authentication and authorisation for as many users, groups and security policies with easy, all through a single and intuitive web based interface.
You can create users that can authenticate their password via LDAP, MySQL internal users, MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle generic users tables, and via Google Mail account.... read more

Posted by Alberto Basso 2009-06-15

SUMO Access Manager: Today a new version will be released

PHP security system that protect your web applications adding on your source ONLY ONE LINE OF CODE! Administrators can manage policies, authentication and authorisation for as many users and groups, all through a single and intuitive Ajax based interface

Today a new version will be released, so thanks a lot for your feedback about it.


Posted by Alberto Basso 2008-06-26

SUMO 0.3.3 is available for download!

New release of SUMO (0.3.3) is available for download!


- Fixed log manager to delete old logs
- Fixed log manager email notifications
- Save visible/hidden status when submit modifications on modules.
- Fixed layout on users settings and groups list
- Fixed layout on access points settings
- Fixed update IP2country link on settings window
- Fixed layout on settings window
- Added ID column on users list
- Fixed installation script
- Updated ADODB libraries to version 4.98
- Updated IP to country database... read more

Posted by Alberto Basso 2008-02-24

SUMO 0.3.2 is available for download!


- Added messages module for system notifications
- Fixed log manager messages duration
- Fixed log manager settings
- Fixed clock layout on startup

Posted by Alberto Basso 2008-02-17

New release of SUMO (0.3.1) is available for download!

Some importants bugfixes into this package:

- Fixed settings module on update.
- Fixed multiple login when node management is disabled.
- Fixed users permissions and log access denied events.
- Fixed Country detection and image flags on sessions list.
- Fixed IP2Country import module.
- Added log manager notifications on startup.

Posted by Alberto Basso 2008-02-13

SUMO 0.3.0 is available for download

Release notes:

- Fixed critical bug on Groups module.
- Added languages support on AccessPoints
- Strong cryptography on users sessions.
- Fixed some windows freeze.
- Updated database drivers and DHTML libraries.
- Added Spanish language (thanks to Félix Morillas).
- Improved performance and stability.
- ...and more!

Posted by Alberto Basso 2008-02-11

SUMO 0.2.12 is available for download

New release of SUMO (0.2.12) is available for download!


- Fixed columns view on Group modules (created/updated was inverted)
- Extended search to Group on Users module, now you can find all users of a group with easy
- Fixed image reflection effect on Users module, no effect if GD library don't support all image functions
- Fixed export feature on Security module
- Removed auto-resize browser window when Sumo start
- Fixed search form style on Console (available on all modules)
- Fixed messages list layout on Security module
- Improved performance
- New Loading Icon... read more

Posted by Alberto Basso 2007-06-20

SUMO 0.2.11 is available for download


- Resolved a critical bugfix on AccessPoints module that prevent editing
of the resources.
- Downgraded the function "sumo_get_available_modules" to run also on a
PHP4 engine.
- Fixed permissions on Security module.
- Better installation script to uninstall Sumo on Unix-like platforms.
- Several bugfix on Sumo Console.
- A new small tutorial for developer to translate Sumo into other
languages is available on website

Posted by Alberto Basso 2007-06-11

SUMO 0.2.10 is available for download

This new version have a new modules management, that it has been completely rewritten, will have several bugfix on Sumo Core and Console.
The annoying "freeze windows" bug I hope it has been resolved.
Partial (and bad) French module language (wait your suggestions, please) it has been added.

Posted by Alberto Basso 2007-05-02

New release available for download!

- More bugfix it has been made on users and nodes management (thanks to Bob Bater for feedback).
- You can disable nodes management if you have only one Sumo server.
- Updated documentation on website.

Posted by Alberto Basso 2007-01-03

SUMO Access Manager it has been updated

This morning I released the 0.2.5 package.
This build includes improvements in security on input data filter, some
bug fix, and patch for Linux package installation (tar.gz).

Posted by Alberto Basso 2006-11-30

SUMO Access Manager is now available for download!

This morning I released first public release 0.2.4 (codename "Aikido").
The 0.2.4 build includes improvements in performance, stability,
security, and platform compatibility.

Posted by Alberto Basso 2006-11-24

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