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version 0.9.8 released

Dear users,

Again, it's time for a new SUMO-release (0.9.8). The list of changes is available at Before listing the most important ones, we would like to thank all those who have contributed by sending bug-reports.

This will probably be the last 0.9.x-version of SUMO. In the next time, we will try to adapt the changes in the API as proposed in This will affect the behaviour of the simulation in several parts and change some input and output files. Because several people are co-developing SUMO, we would propose to discuss these changes on the developers-mailing list ( read more

Posted by Michael Behrisch 2008-02-07

version 0.9.7 released

This version includes several bug fixes and many new tests. Support for msvc6 & 7 was dropped, as well as importing ARTEMIS and Cell/FastLane networks and routes. Sockets may now be used as output devices.

Posted by Daniel Krajzewicz 2007-11-08

version 0.9.6 released

Dear friends,

just another not-really-finished release for having a new baseline.
This release does not contain many major changes, but mostly patches errors occuring with the previous one. Some of the most important changes were related to building when using gcc3/gcc4 and the computation of junction types within NETCONVERT. Also, we have started to test the software :-) what shall be extended during the work on the next release.... read more

Posted by Daniel Krajzewicz 2007-05-23


reinserted into the download area; the previous file seems to be broken

Posted by Daniel Krajzewicz 2007-01-24

moved to SVN

We have finally moved to SVN. Almost the complete CVS tree has been added, only removing some empty projects. Please consult for further information.

Posted by Daniel Krajzewicz 2007-01-17

version 0.9.5 ("developer") released

Due to several projects we had to work on in 2006, more than half a year passed since the last release. Release 0.9.5 brings a lot of new features that became needed in this time. The major changes are:

1. Documentation.
The whole documentation has been updated. This opened the oppurtunity to revalidate some part of SUMO and make them so available to the public in a documented way. Two of those "found" features are vehicle rerouter and emitter. Both are also mentioned below.
For letting you what has changed quickly, the changed parts of the documentation are marked. Furthermore, documentation is now also available as .pdf-files.
The documentation may be found at read more

Posted by Daniel Krajzewicz 2006-11-17

Institute of Telematics at the Lübeck University supplies a

A daily refreshed doxygen class documentation is available ( This is a contribution by the Institute of Telematics at the Lübeck University (
It comes with a Log-file for those who want to add some missing documentation (

Posted by Daniel Krajzewicz 2006-05-16

version 0.9.4 ("developer") released

This release is rather a snapshot. Many things have changed and some will require some further revalidation. There are three major changes/extensions:

1. The TLS-subsystem now allows having more than a single logic for a traffic light. One can describe the switch times and switch between them on the GUI. The user-description on this may be found under There is no developer documentation on this, yet.
If you are parsing the networks by your own, you will see that traffic lights definitions have changed slightly. Instead of the sgmltag "logicno" a tag named "subkey" is used by now. Also, "inclanes" has been removed.... read more

Posted by Daniel Krajzewicz 2006-03-16

version 0.9.3 ("developer") released

Above all, the user documentation has been updated together with the help-pages and the man-pages. Also, this release contains a first step of a multimodality implementation: bus-stops. These structures allow you to simulate stopping of busses, but it is a first shot - no bus line and no parking sinks are avaiable, yet. There are also some changes on the visualization which is now more flexible and allows to choose own colors and several degrees of details.... read more

Posted by Daniel Krajzewicz 2006-01-23

Documentation updated

The user-documentation has been updated, especially the chapter on network conversion (see\) and about programming traffic lights logics (see\).

Posted by Daniel Krajzewicz 2005-11-16

version 0.9.2 ("developer") released

This release holds some major patches, especially within the GUI. It is recommended to replace the 0.9.1 version.
Still, there are also some changes within the TLS-API, so if you are working on this topic, you maybe should not move unless you have read the doumentation on this (see\)

Posted by Daniel Krajzewicz 2005-11-16

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