version 0.21.0 released

Dear friends and colleagues,
we proudly present the latest release of SUMO.

The major enhancements include:

) Support for pedestrian dynamics:
Integrated into the previously existing inter-modality model, pedestrians may now have own lanes and use a variable dynamics model to move. Uncontrolled as well as controlled crossings are supported and tools from the suite (mainly netconvert) have been extended to support the new structures accordingly. More information can be found at
) Support for Amitran file exchange formats:
The Amitran project defined a set of exchange formats for road networks, O/D-matrices, vehicular trajectories, and network states. These file types are now supported by the sumo applications.

) A new emission model has been added to SUMO that is based on the HBEFA v3.1 database. (see
A slightly more comprehensive list of changes is given below, a complete list can be found at

- Simulation
-- The vehicle class {{XML|ignoring}} now properly ignores edge permissions and is allowed to drive anywhere.
-- Fix to the computation of the expected time at which vehicles leave an intersection. This results in a minor increase in junction throughput.

    -- The time shown in the gui now matches the time found in simulation outputs for the shown vehicle positions.

- Simulation
-- Added improved capabilities for pedestrian simulation
-- Added option to allow overtaking on the right
-- Added option to randomize departure times and for adding flows with randomly distributed departures
-- Vehicles with a specified vClass will now get appropriate default values for some of their parameters
-- the option --scale can now also handle values > 1 and inserts more vehicles in this case
-- added HBEFA3 emission model
-- added outputs conforming to the Amitran standards
-- Lanes are now drawn with smooth shapes regardless of geometry (fixed white gaps at corners)
-- Added improved capabilities for pedestrian simulation
-- Added improved heuristic for importing traffic lights from OSM data
-- Can now set a custom junction shape
-- can write networks in the Amitran format
-- trips and flows now support specifying intermediate edges to use
-- can now read OD matrices in Amitran format
- Tools
-- gained support for pedestrian simulation
-- convert almost arbitrary XML outputs (with a given schema) to CSV and protobuf


  • Miscellaneous
    -- Some vClass were added and others renamed. Old definitions will continue to work but some will cause deprecation warnings.

We thank all contributors and wish you much fun with the new release.

All the best,
Jakob, Michael, Marek, Daniel and Melanie

Posted by Jakob Erdmann 2014-06-12

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