version 0.19.0 released

Dear friends and colleagues,

we are happy to announce the latest release of SUMO.
Below is a list of the major changes since the previous release. You can
find the full list here.

  • Bugfixes

    • Simulation

      • fixed bug which caused vehicles to brake without good reason
      • flow on a highway will no longer come to standstill just to let vehicles from an on-ramp merge.
      • vehicles now manage to change to the necessary lanes much more often and thus avoid having to stop and block upstream traffic.
      • vehicles now use all lanes of a multi-lane roundabout instead of only the outer lane.
      • fixed several bugs which caused instantInductionLoops to miscount vehicles
      • fixed error in a car-following related formula which was causing collisions
    • SUMO-GUI

      • Right-click now always resolves to the correct object again.
    • TraCI
      • TraCI now returns the “netto” occupancy (without minGap) as other
      • outputs do
      • Traffic light program changes via TraCI now takes effect
      • immediately instead of one step later. (Thanks to Christoph Sommer for
      • reporting and fixing this problem)
      • fixed crash when repairing routes with intermediate dead-end edges
    • fixed bug where roundabouts sometimes had incorrect right-of-way
    • rules
  • Enhancements

    • Simulation
      • added vType-attribute laneChangeModel for customizing the lane
      • changing behavior. Allowed values are DK2008 (the model used until
      • version 0.18.0), JE2013 and LC2013 (the new default model).
      • Vehicles moving across junctions now consider the exact crossing
      • points at which their paths intersect with other vehicles when
      • deciding on their speed. This leads to smoother traffic flow across junctions.
      • Teleport warnings now always include a reason. For a vehicle that
      • is teleported because its waitingTime exceeds time-to-teleport the reason
      • can be:
        • wrong lane: when the vehicle was stuck on a lane which did not allow it to continue its route,
        • yield: when the vehicle was stuck on an unprioritized road and did not find a gap in traffic or
        • jam: when the vehicle could not continue because there was no space on the next lane
    • SUMO-GUI
      • now drawing blinkers to visualize a vehicles desire to change lanes
      • (this is only noticable if a vehicle cannot change lanes immediately).
      • when drawing a vehicles route, the lanes which the vehicle intends
      • to use are highlighted where this is known (previously the rightmost lane
      • was always used).
      • Added hotkeys Ctrl-A, Ctrl-S, Ctrl-D for running, stopping and
      • stepping the simulation
      • Added a menu for opening the object locator dialogs. Using the menu
      • hotkeys allows searching for simulation objects without using the mouse.
      • The vehicle parameter dialog now also contains informations related
      • to the vehicle type.
    • TraCI
      • lane change requests now have a higher priority by default and will
      • thus succeed much more frequently.
      • added new command *lane change mode
      • (0xb6)* control
      • conflict resolution between TraCI-lane-changing request and
      • lane-changing decisions by the laneChangeModel. It also allows
      • to override
      • safety constrainst and to trigger cooperative speed adjustments to better
      • fulfill change requests.
      • The python API throws now a TraCIException on recoverable errors
      • (such as an unknown vehicle id) and brings the system in a
      • consistent state
      • added possibility to remove waiting cars inspired by Bob
      • Holcomb
      • major refactoring of input parsing, it is now possible to mix
      • trips, flows and vehicles in one file
      • stops are respected on routing
  • Other

Posted by Jakob Erdmann 2013-12-02 Labels: free software programming release sumo

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