version 0.18.0 released

Dear friends and colleagues,

we announce the latest release of SUMO. Please note that all the documentation (including the bug tracker and the blog) is now on our new website The old wiki and trac accounts are no longer valid but the bug tracking has OpenID-Authentication enabled. If you need a new account please send a mail to

Major changes in this release include:


  • improved simulation speed

  • drivers on a minor road now grow impatient while waiting for a gap in the traffic. After a while they will drive even if it means that another car has to slow down to accommodate them (as before, they will only drive if it is safe to do so).

  • added vType attribute '''impatience''' which affects the willingness of drivers to cut into traffic even if it forces other drives to brake.

  • added support for stop-signs at minor roads

  • added support for the intersection type ''allway_stop''. This corresponds to an intersection type found in north America

  • implemented "expected" attribute for stops, which expects IDs of people that have to enter the vehicle to allow the vehicle to leave the stop. Should be used with "triggered='true'" (would not work otherwise). Thanks to Shubham Jain for pointing out the wrong description of the possibilities in [].

  • option {{Option|--sloppy-insert {{DT_BOOL}}}} is marked deprecated because the behavior is now the default, use {{Option|--eager-insert {{DT_BOOL}}}} to get the old behavior

  • added options for saving and loading simulation states. Simulation states can be saved at predetermined times and then loaded to initialize a new simulation (this also requires loading the network and routes of the original simulation). When the filename for saving ends with '''.sbx''' the file will be saved in a binary format instead of xml.


  • it is now possible to toggle the simulation time display between 'seconds' and 'hour-minute-seconds' by clicking on the 'Time'-button next to the time display. The state of this setting persists across GUI sessions.

  • it is now possible to toggle between alternate delay values by clicking on the 'Delay'-button next to the delay dial. Clicking causes the current delay value to be saved as the alternative value. The alternative delay value persists across GUI sessions.

  • parking vehicles are now being drawn (at the side of the road)

  • now providing separate options for customizing the visualization of persons

- added option which works similar to option but uses geodetic coordinates instead of cartesian.

  • added new node type ''priority_stop''. This works similar to type ''priority'' but minor links now require a stop

  • added new node type ''allway_stop''. [[ This corresponds to an intersection type found in north america]]


  • added optional flags for cmd stop (0x12) to set the parking and triggered status

  • added command stop state (id 0xb5) for retrieving the stopped,parking and triggered status

  • added command resume (0x19) for resuming from the current stop

We also had some major bug fixes:


  • fixed bug that caused visual collisions (vehicles on different lanes occupying the same space while on a junction)

  • fixed bug where vehicles were inserted with unsafe speeds on minor roads causing collisions

  • now saving all routes if a vehicle is rerouted multiple times

  • fixed crash when using calibrators


  • the return values for link direction and link state are now working for lane variable: link (0x33)

  • routes are now preloaded before the first simulation step such that getMinExpectedNumber gives good results from the very start

  • Fixed documentation bug that stated geodetic positions have the format LAT,LON whereas they actually use LON,LAT. TraCI behavior remains unchanged.

  • Fixed rerouting for not departed vehicles (change target, change route and change route id)


  • street-names will no longer be missing from the output when importing a net.xml or edg.xml file which has them

  • using option {{Option| {{DT_BOOL}}}} no longer creates networks with faulty connections.

  • fixed bug that caused invalid connections to be generated where roads split or merge

  • fixed invalid traffig light logics and occasional crashes when importing a .net.xml file along with split elements

  • when importing sumo networks, dangerous connections (multiple connections from the same edge to the same lane) are no longer silently discarded

  • fixed bug that caused invalid node geometries when using {{Option|--junctions.join}} together with ramp building options {{Option|--ramps.*}}.


  • option {{Option|--ignore-errors {{DT_BOOL}}}} now works correctly when a vehicle is not allowed to drive on its depart edge

For the full change log see
We thank all contributors and wish you all the best.

Laura, Melanie, Jakob, Michael, Marek, and Daniel

Posted by Michael Behrisch 2013-08-28

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