version 0.17.0 released

Dear friends and colleagues,
we proudly present the latest release of SUMO. Major changes in this
release include:

- added support for traffic-actuated traffic lights
- added support for microscopic calibrators. These trigger-type
objects can be used to increase or reduce traffic volume and to
regulate speeds at selected edges. Using calibrators it becomes
possible to calibrate a simulation according to known traffic
measurements (i.e. from real-life induction loops) without using
TraCI. For usage examples see the test suite at
- added a car following model which respects slope (kraussPS), your
network needs z-coordinates then

- gui-setting files now support the element <breakpoints-file value="mybreakpoints.txt"/> for loading breakpoints at the start of
the simulation
- junction coloring

- added support for traffic-actuated traffic lights
- now importing most turning restrictions from OpenStreetMap

- added tool for creating smaller scenarios from a big scenario
- replaced the old trace exporter by a new Tools/TraceExporter tool
- experimental Python 3 support for TraCI python API and

Scenario TAPASCologne
- new release using the latest network format
- improved mapping of trips with departures and arrivals spread better
over space and time
- due to the still low quality of the network (complex junctions,
bad/missing traffic light programs) the scenario runs with reduced
demand by default (--scale 0.3). We will post suggestion for
contributions soon.

- now gives instant feedback on click by highlighting upcoming green phase
- updated to run with the latest sumo version

We also had some major bug fixes:

- tripinfos now contain the correct arrivalPos and routeLength values (#814)
- fixed bug that caused vehicles to sometimes use the wrong lane and
occasonaly lead to collisions (#586, #836)
- fixed bug in the default car-following model which lead to
collisions when using vehicle types with different deceleration values
- increased junction throughput (fixed bugs related to right-of-way
timing computation)
- fixed bug where vehicles sometimes did not follow the arrivalLane attribute.
- fixed bug where entryExitDetectors issued invalid warnings about
vehicles leaving without entering
- fixed bug where inductionLoops and instantInductionLoops sometimes
failed to detect vehicles

- fixed bug that caused right-of-way computations to fail (resulting
in collision) at left-turning connections
- fixed bug where some sets of junctions where erroneously classified
as roundabouts when using option --roundabouts.guess resulting in
invalid junction logics and causing collisions during simulation
- fixed bug where inconsistent (unloadable) networks where created
using option --ramps.guess
- deleted nodes are no longer included in the final network boundary

- Fixed bug where output files contained wrong values for the
emissionClass attribute (i.e routers did not properly copy the the
value from input to output files). This sometimes caused
to fail.
- major refactoring, can now handle route, trip and flow inputs in one file
- persons and stops in route input files no longer disappear

For the full change log see

We thank all contributors and apologize for all patches which did not
make it into this release.

All the best,
Melanie, Jakob, Michael, Marek, and Daniel

Posted by Michael Behrisch 2013-05-03

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