version 0.16.0 released

Dear friends and colleagues,
we proudly present the latest release of SUMO. Major changes in this
release include:
- additional routing algorithm (A*) for duarouter and sumo
- new vehicle type attributes for implementing speed distributions
(in particular for exceeding the lane speed limit)
- new output options (--fcd-output)
- optional xml schema validation (option -X)
- TraCI allows retrieving objects surrounding another object (context
- visualization upgrades (persons, railways, custom images)
- jpg and png support for windows
- random trip generation (via now handles through-traffic
- added python library for generic output parsing (sumolib.output)

We also had some major bug fixes:
- bug in the default car-following model which lead to
larger-that-necessary following distances. The maximum possible flow
is now greatly increased.
- bug which sometimes caused vehicles to use the wrong lanes
- several bugs that were causing collisions
- netconvert bugs that lead to unsafe junctions (collisions)
- several OSM-import fixes

For the full change log see

Due to the fixed netconvert bugs we recommend rebuilding your
networks. Note that you can use your old network as input with the
"-s" option.
We thank all contributors and apologize for all patches which did not
make it into this release.

Happy holidays to all of you,
Daniel, Melanie, Jakob, Michael, and Marek

Posted by Michael Behrisch 2012-12-04

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