version 0.12.0 released

Dear colleagues, friends, all,

We want to inform you about a new SUMO release - 0.12.0.

The major change is the added possibility to simulate using time steps below 1s; this was achieved by a rework of the microsimulation loop and moving from floating point representation of time to integer milliseconds. As a result, the time steps are "clean" now - 0.1 seconds are 0.1 seconds (100ms in fact) and not a blurred floating point number.

The user documentation is no longer based on docbook sources, but generated from the Wiki. Please note that the current pdf includes broken links and missing formatting. We will address this in the future.

One further "major" issue is the removal of the possibility to generate random routes from the routers. Simply choosing random edges and routing between them was by far too unrealistic and the behaviour was quite unpredictable. A script was added which replaces this functionality, but another long-time solution would be appreciated. Any help here - and on any other topic - is welcome.

Laura, Michael & Daniel

Posted by Daniel Krajzewicz 2010-05-27

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