version 0.10.2 released

Dear friends, dear users,

We want to announce a new SUMO version - 0.10.2.

Again, most of the work concerned debugging and consolidation. Besides, the major changes are:
* noise and pollutant emission models based on Harmonoise/HBEFA
* a validated and tested TraCI, working on both Windows and Linux
* extension of the inner-junction traffic for dense situations
* debugging of interaction with rerouters and vss in GUISIM

It should be pointed out, that much effort has been done on making the tests complete successfully on all platforms. The test suite covers over 1800 tests (of which about 780 are performed twice - for SUMO and for GUISIM) and by now, only NETGEN/NETCONVERT show different behaviour between the platforms. All other tests behave the same despite floating point issues.

Also, two additional files are available for download. The first is the TAPAS Cologne scenario, a large-scale simulation of the City of Cologne, Germany, in an alpha-state, read The second is a first additional set of traffic data, read, also preliminary.

The next version will probably be "0.11.0". This means, that several major changes will be done on the input data formats. We will inform you in prior about them via the mailing lists. Usually, all major changes are also written down at:

Michael & Daniel

Posted by Daniel Krajzewicz 2009-03-13

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