#173 Sumo and sumo-guisim crash on high density traffic


Bug discovered in version 0.10.1.
When the "--check-accidents" option is not entered in sumo, attempting to load a simulation with vehicles to the point where the road system can accept no more vehicles will crash the simulator. Note: gui-sim cannot use the "--check-accidents" option. The crash is caused by a negative variable assignment in MSVehicle::moveRegardingCritical. At times of high congestion in the simulator, a road can be too congested to fit newly generated vehicles. The vehicle will be inserted slightly overlapping another vehicle creating a negative gap between it and its surrounding vehicles. A negative gap value is ignored by Sumo if the MSGlobals::gCheck4Accidents option is not ticked 'if (MSGlobals::gCheck4Accidents && gap<0)'. The negative value will then cause the simulator to crash.


  • Daniel Krajzewicz

    Thanks; as a first step, collision checking is enabled by default; we hope we can then solve the collision problems as such.

  • Daniel Krajzewicz

    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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