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  • zyphrus

    zyphrus - 2002-12-09

    I like the game you've created a lot, even though the space marines never win in the first scenario(I haven't tried the others yet, but the same happened in most boardgame scenarios too, as far as I remember). The manual is very helpful and quickly read.

    Here's some features / changes I'd like to see in the game :

    (1) unjam button : replace the shoot button with an unjam-button when the bolter is jammed

    (2) change the turn command : Instead of "press left/right mouse button on top of the piece to turn left/right", use the commands every computer game uses today : "left click somewhere to move there, right click somewhere to face in that direction"

    (3) make the game window screen sized so players get an optimal view of the scenario and to hide the system desktop

    (4) Some way to get from a scenario to the game menu. Some way to look up the scenario information while the scenario is running

    (5) The manual needs a section where all the game controls are listed. It takes ages to find out what key to press to unjam a bolter.

    The following are suggestions, not issues I feel take a lot of fun out of the game or make it unneccessarily difficult to perform some action :

    (5) on mouse over,mark a piece if it is possible to select it, or better yet, mark all used pieces in some way

    (6) The buttons look oval, but they turn out to be rectangular when clicking on the underground around them.

    (7) when playcing a blip in a lurking area, the square underneath is no longer displayed in green. Looks strange to me. I'd expect it to stay green even though I cannot playce another blip on top of it. That the whole area is black when there's 3 blips in it is ok, but I'd prefer it to be faded out to mark it as "yes, here is a lurking area, but it's full" by turning it dark green or grey. Seeing the area would help me getting a good idea of how the scenario map is laid out

    • zyphrus

      zyphrus - 2002-12-09

      I forgot to mention I've tried version 0.23, not the version 0.24 snapshot

    • Toby Woodwark

      Toby Woodwark - 2002-12-12

      Cheers for the feedback!

      Most of what you've said is precisely right, although there is one point I should clear up - the game runs full-screen if you use the command-line argument '-f' or put 'SCREEN_FULLSCREEN = YES' in the config file.

      The manual will be reworked some time soon.


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