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Alex R
  • Alex R

    Alex R - 2011-04-14

    Every time I try to run sudo.exe from the command-line or Windows Explorer (via the context menu), I get the "command not allowed" error message, having entered my password. I have no idea why I'm getting this, nor even what it means. Could someone please clarify what is happening here and how I can resolve it?

    I'm running Windows 7 64-bit; will glady provide more information if necessary.


    • Greg R

      Greg R - 2015-09-11

      Had the same issue and the only way I could get around it was to sudo cmd.exe first and then run the installer

  • Anonymous - 2011-04-18

    I am getting this error as well.
    Which password shoul i be using, my computer's password or what, in case thats the problem.


  • Alex R

    Alex R - 2011-05-30

    Hello. I'm still curious if any help is available on this? Is this a known bug in the app perhaps? Cheers.

  • Kiliman

    Kiliman - 2011-05-31

    Can you send me your sudoers.xml file as well as the user and command you were trying to run?

    You can email me:

  • Jason

    Jason - 2011-05-31

    Hi, I've been using this version of SudoWin for a couple of years for various applications and it's been working well.  I've recently attempted to implement a couple of other applications using SudoWin and keep getting the 'Command Not Allowed' message.  (I even get this message when entering a passphrase that I know is incorrect).  All the groups, sudoers.xml files, etc I'm using are set up the same as I've always done, so I'm rather confused as to what's happening.  I'd be happy to e-mail any further information you need if you are able to assist.


  • Kiliman

    Kiliman - 2011-05-31


    Can you send me your sudoers.xml file as well as the user and command you were trying to run?

    You can email me:

  • Jason

    Jason - 2011-06-06


    I have an update:

    We used the same groups and sudoers.xml file and configured SudoWin on servers in our production data center and they work there.  I can still send you the sudoers.xml file if you want but this issue seems to point to some difference between the servers in the two data centers.  I'm looking to see if there are any patch differences or variations in group policy.  We had always been able to use SudoWin in both data centers, so I'm not sure what's changed.  If you have any thoughts on what to check, please let me know.


  • Anonymous - 2013-01-16

    I'm getting this same issue on a brand-new Windows 8 PC. Here's my sudoers.xml file (taken from C:\Program Files (x86)\Sudowin\Server):

    The command I was attempting to run was `sudo gem install bundler`.

  • Kiliman

    Kiliman - 2013-01-16

    First of all, I want to apologize to everyone for not responding to your issues sooner. Real life has kept me pretty busy.

    Anyway, let's see if we can figure out the issue.

    I don't remember if the group name is case sensitive, so make sure you have a "sudoers" user group and add the user accounts to it. If the group name is "Sudoers", then change it in the sudoers.xml file to match.

    Next, I never liked the "default" sudoers.xml file. It's confusing.

    This is all you need in it to allow any user in the Sudoers group to run any command as Admin. I think this is much simpler. Once you get this to work, then you can deal with more advanced stuff.

    Let me know how this works for you.

    <sudoers    xmlns=""
            <userGroup name="sudoers" allowAllCommands="true">

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