Offering to compile an SRS document

  • Stavros

    Stavros - 2011-11-24

    Hey, since I couldn't find the project author's email, I figured I'd post
    here. I'm doing a university project that requires me to compile an SRS
    document for an application of my choice (more info on what that actually is
    can be found here

    Is there such a document already written for this application and if not,
    would you mind if I compiled one? I might require some assistance from the
    author, so if you could provide me with an email too that'd be great.

  • Sylvain Vedrenne


    There's no documentation as yet (apart from code comments), so your
    contribution is welcome!
    We can discuss publicly on the forum, and for topics your want to discuss
    privately, here's my address:


  • Stavros

    Stavros - 2011-11-27

    Great, my professor approved of the project so I'm good to go. Unfortunately I
    can't start right away because I'm busy with other projects, but I plan to
    complete it during christmas vacation.

    Btw, I'll have to save/document possible messages we might exchange so that I
    can present them to my class after I finish the document. I hope that's okay
    with you.

  • Sylvain Vedrenne

    Date: 2012-02-17 13:44 (Bugs item #3445654)

    No contribution and no news from user smavrakis since 2011-11-27 06:47:20

    I don't even known his email adress. I tried several times to join him on
    his supposed Sourceforge address, but no answer ever came. I hope /he/ is

    For now, his account /has been/ removed from the list of project


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