• goodboy608

    goodboy608 - 2008-02-02

    Hi Paddington,

    Thanks for good free program. I like it a lot.

    But although Subtitle Creator is good and flexible, it has some shortcomings.

    Remaking my DVD I faced the subtitle synchronization problem. Using tips from Subtitle Creator help don’t solve the problem. In that help advised to do subtitle synchronization by original VTS files or by connecting them to some existing subtitles. When I used the VTSs at the beginning of a movie synchronization is OK, but after a while synchronization mistake appears which became bigger to the end of a move. When I used existing subtitles for synchronization I found out that they could be originally wrong done or I could have a difficulty in recognizing sentences. For example, my existing subtitles have additional comments for Chinese people. And besides, they’re in Chinese which I don’t know.

    From reading forums here and at I did not find an advice of solving my problem. I saw in those forums that many people have the same problem. I read in help to Subtitle Creator that you also had that problem.

    I understood that synchronization should be done by demuxed VTSs or by video M2V and audio AudioFile_80. I tried to do it using good versatile free subtitle editor DSRT or with use of only AudioFile_80 made with PgcDemux from original VTS files of my movies.
    The result appears to be great and stable! No synchronization problems during whole movies I made.
    But I could only hear the audio from my movies and wasn’t able to see video.

    I would like you to create an option to make subtitles synchronization by demuxed VTS files.

    And there’s one thing more.

    I think that it’s good idea to watch overlay subtitles, but that option is not always works well.

    If you could create small window some place near video window in Subtitle Creator window for a subtitle sentence which is active, people had less problems and more comfort using the program.


    • goodboy608

      goodboy608 - 2008-02-02

      I forgot to explain that I used subtitle editor DSRT only for synchronization SRT files.

    • Paddington

      Paddington - 2008-02-03

      When synchronizing your subtitles with the original DVD, did you select matching subtitles near the beginning and near the end of the movie? And was it a NTSC or PAL format?

    • goodboy608

      goodboy608 - 2008-02-07

      That's right. I did matching subtitles near the beginning and near the end of the movie and it was NTSC.

    • goodboy608

      goodboy608 - 2008-02-27

      Dear Paddington,
      Are you going do something about my feature request?
      Please answer me.

  • XChesser

    XChesser - 2010-06-02

    Not a bug but feature. SC applies drop-frame when NTSC in Display menu is selected. If you want to get non-drop NTSC subtitles choose PAL before saving.


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