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Subtext Project is Moving

You can find the subversion repository at

Forums will be moving to Google Groups:

Posted by Phil Haack 2009-03-27

Subtext 1.9.5 Security Bulletin

Please read <a href="">this blog post</a> for a security advisory regarding Subtext 1.9.5. The fix is relatively quick and painless to apply.

Posted by Phil Haack 2007-09-20

Subtext v1.9.4 &quot;Windward&quot; Edition Released!

Posted by Steven Harman 2007-02-14

Subtext 1.9.3 &quot;Repair Job&quot; Edition Release!

Posted by Steven Harman 2006-12-14

subText 1.9 Released!

See the release announcement here:

Also, if you are upgrading from a previous version of subTEXT, please be sure to check out these upgrade notes:

Posted by Steven Harman 2006-09-08

SubText 1.5 Released!

Posted by Steven Harman 2006-06-12

Subtext 1.0 Released!

Posted by Phil Haack 2006-03-02

Subtext Roadmap (Updated)

I've written a tentative roadmap here. This will be a work in progress...

Posted by Phil Haack 2005-05-05

How to participate

The easiest way to get involved is to get a copy of the source code via CVS using anonymous access and start submitting patches via

For the sake of my sanity, I'm going to try to keep CVS write access to a minimum in the beginning.

Be sure to submit feature requests and bugs in the source forge site.

I've set up two mailing lists, one for users (
) and one for devs (
). These will probably overlap a bit, but we should try to keep the devs list focused on active development.... read more

Posted by Phil Haack 2005-05-05

Welcome to Subtext

Subtext is the next best thing to sliced bread for bloggers who want to run a blogging engine using SQL Server 2000 and ASP.NET.

Subtext is a fork of .TEXT. For more information, see the announcement at

Posted by Phil Haack 2005-05-05