Project has been ported to CMake

Subspace Battle will now hopefully be easier to build on the targeted platforms, since it is now using CMake ( for automating the build process.

The reason I chose CMake is that it seems to be easier than GNU's autotools, works on a lot of platforms, it doesn't have any external dependencies and it was something that I wanted to try out after reading about it. I think it will suit Subspace Battle well, and hopefully let more people try the game out, or even help out with development.

CMake does not build the source, but instead uses the current system's compiler, and creates Makefiles for it, which allows our project to be built on more different systems, without being dependent on specific compilers or IDEs. CMake can even automagically generate projectfiles for KDevelop and Visual Studio, the latter of which is something I hope enables Windows users to more easily get on board.

The initial CMake files are my first try at using it, so I welcome all the comments I can get on better syntax or functionality. I believe this step has made the project a bit more mature, and will allow it to grow painlessly in the future!

Posted by Peter Asplund 2008-03-25

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