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New Release (alpha3)

I have uploaded the third alpha version. The sip core design has changed a bit. Previous version uses a single threaded ua (both server and client). New release has a multi threaded core. Now we can reply to Options requests, register thread is a little better, and unless gui seems identical, it has a few changes inside. I think the parser should be rewritten (for the fourth alpha version) and then, the ua could grow supporting better what now does.
So, there it is!

Posted by SUA: sip user agent 2002-01-09

Hello to all the people out there!

Hi! My name is Ibon Gotxi and today i have started a new adventure called Sua (a sip user agent). Why this name? Ok,... seems obvious, sua is a sip ua. But in basque, sua also means 'fire',...
I'm still developing the skeleton of the ua. In a week or so i will be able to upload a first alpha version. So,... keep waiting a little bit more....

Posted by SUA: sip user agent 2001-12-14