Compilation error with the 1.0b version

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I am trying to get the 1.0b working. I followed the installation instructions. "make library_g++" return no error but "make tests_g++" returns error concerning the stxxl/containers/btree/node_cache.h" :In file included from /home/haison/stxxl/stxxl/containers/btree/leaf.h:14,
                     from /home/haison/stxxl/stxxl/containers/btree/btree.h:16,
                     from /home/haison/stxxl/stxxl/containers/map.h:4,
                     from /home/haison/stxxl/stxxl/stxxl.h:14,
                     from /home/haison/stxxl/stxxl/stxxl:1,
                     from co-gen2-stxxl.cpp:45:
    /home/haison/stxxl/stxxl/containers/btree/node_cache.h: In member function `
       NodeType* stxxl::btree::node_cache<NodeType,
       BTreeType>::get_new_node(typename NodeType::bid_type&)':
    /home/haison/stxxl/stxxl/containers/btree/node_cache.h:229: error: syntax error
       before `;' token
    /home/haison/stxxl/stxxl/containers/btree/node_cache.h:249: error: syntax error
       before `;' token

    I appreciate any help.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Which compiler (version) do you use?

    • Andreas Beckmann

      Looks like g++ 3.3 which is not able to compile the stxxl::map code. WONTFIX.



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