problem with vector or sort

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    i have a problem while using the stxxl library.

    i use the vector and then sort it as the example program did, but when i run my program it throws a error :

    [STXXL-ERRMSG] Buffer is not aligned: modulo 4096 = 4 (0xb37cb004)
    Error in function virtual void stxxl::syscall_request::serve() Info:  this=135398792 File descriptor=5 offset=0 buffer=0xb37cb004 bytes=2097152 type=WRITE nref= 2 ::write (static_cast<syscall_file*>(file_)->get_file_des (), buffer, bytes): Invalid argument

    when i use the element of the vector, or i sort the vector, the error above was thrown;

    how to sovle the problem, thank you very much, i have debuged it for a long time.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      what is your operating system and compiler (including the version)?

      also compile your program with -DSTXXL_VERBOSE_LEVEL=1 switch, run it and post here the output.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Are you using Linux? If yes: use multiples of 4K as block-sizes. This should solve your issue


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