Questions about the options for build configuration of the STXXL library

  • Isaac Perez

    Isaac Perez - 2014-07-07

    Ináster/install_build_options.html, are displayed some STXXL optional features and compile switches that can be changed at build time.

    Several of these features seem me useful and I would like to reinstall the stxxl library for include them. However, I do not know how.

    In particular I am interested in the options:

    I don't know how to activate these options when compiling and installing stxxl.

    I use ArchLinux and I installed stxxl using yaourt. I tried to edit the PKGBUILD to add those options in the function build(){ ... }. In the following line:


    At the end of the previous line I added:

    However, an error is generated during compilation.

    I do not know if that line is where I must add those options. Besides, I'm not sure if it's BUILD_EXTRAS or DBUILD_EXTRAS.

    Furthermore, I understand that with the options DBUILD_TESTS and DBUILD_EXAMPLES are compiled and built several examples and tests of the library components. However, I don't know as run those tests and examples or if they are automatically executed.

    Finally I'm not sure I understand the convenience of activating DUSE_GNU_PARALLEL option. Does this enabled by default?, Is it worth enabling this option?.

    I welcome any help and/or suggestions on the issues raised above. Thanks in advance.

  • Timo Bingmann

    Timo Bingmann - 2014-07-08

    Yes that looks about right. There are -D cmake defines, so all start with -D .
    The USE_GNU_PARALLEL is on in linux and enables parallel sorting/merging algorithms.

    "ctest" or "make test" runs the tests.


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